Similar to another satellite or satellite TV set-top box, the Hopper with Sling and related Joey devices don’t possess a standard limitation to prevent instructions from being created in the impulse of an eight-year-old that has no notion of the value of money or in the mercy of grandmother Betty’s supposed Parkinson’s. There is a simple solution, each of Dish Network’s devices allow you to setup a lock on pay-per-view or video on demand purchases that will require a code to order such an event. This is the better solution to avoid charges for shows ordered by kids, roommates and house guests.

The Causes Of PPV Expenses?

A lot of consumers handle pay-per-view or video on demand instructions which they didn’t buy to be “incorrect” or “done by the receiver.” This Can Be incorrect, around the radio PPV’s and VOD’s may only be purchased utilizing the remote control, although they can be requested by contacting Dish Network and putting the order or by getting them on Even then, when purchasing using the rural, somebody must track into a PPV channel order screen, both by setting up the route number or choosing the pay per view route in the manual, selecting lease in the order screen they’re presented with, which demonstrates the price for your order, and then confirming yes or no if they want to make the order.

Locking PPV Orders Down

With the Nox App Player for iOS process, it’s truly easy-to-setup locks. That is best performed in the space where the Hopper phone itself is found. Simply follow the steps to setup locks to block pay per view instructions as well as in a few minutes you’ll be able to be sure you aren’t getting any surprise costs for adult content movies or multiple instructions for kids movies.

Switch on the TV along with the Hopper receiver.

Click the menu button that is on the top-left hand side of the remote just underneath the SAT button.

Utilizing the arrow keys surrounding the SELECT button to the rural, scroll down to the next row of the primary menu shown on the television and arrow over and highlight or set the tip towards the SETTINGS image and press SELECT.

By default, the OPTIONS menu has got the arrow or tip to the display featuring the PARENTAL CONTROLS star, press SELECT below.

About the PARENTAL CONTROLS screen, arrow up to the column that is called REDUCE EXPENDITURES, emphasize the YES choice, press SELECT and you ought to see a natural group to the left of YES.

(Optional) You can also choose the YES option below COVER ADULT CHANNELS if someone in the home features a problem with ordering adult content, or if you only want to keep these things and titles hidden from your children.

Highlight AND CHOOSE about the SAVE solution on the top right part of the PARENTAL CONTROLS screen. A popup box will request you to produce a 4-digit password or pin number; you’ll enter this number twice, and remember it, simply DO NOT make it possible for others to guess or keep it written down somewhere. After you have done creating the password, you’ll be used back towards the OPTIONS menu.

New information will appear letting you know that the Hopper has successfully ripped the parental control settings to the selected locations. Choose the fine option.

MEDIA the VIEW LIVE TV option that is situated just to the left and down from your STOP button on the remote.

Congratulations, if you did everything properly, everyone trying to intentionally purchase a pay per view or video on demand event that carries a fee will be eliminated from this until they realize the code which you’ve designed for your parental control settings. To examine, try tuning into channel 502, a PPV channel. You should be presented with the same message, while perhaps a unique video title, as within the picture for the right.