THE INSTITUTE and some thoughts on immersive interactive storytelling

On Friday, I ignored my regular bedtime and met up with some talented, hilarious and foxy women to watch a 9:30PM screening at the Roxie of THE INSTITUTE, a film about the the Jejune Institute. If you are unfamiliar with Jejune, it was an alternate reality game (ARG) that…

My intro game design course this Fall

I’m teaching an intro to game design class this fall at the San Francisco Art Institute. We will analysis artful, political and indie games and the students will make games together focusing on designing game systems that are meaningful. We will use tools such as paper, cardboard, wood, Twine,…

SXSW 2012

I am participating in a Digital Domain Panel at SXSW this year called “Climbing the Screens: Documentary to Digital Game”

iMA 2012

Look Mom: Filipino or Not on Adobo Nation!

In December 2011, I was on a popular Filipino American TV show talking about the game Filipino or Not. It was super fun and everyone was really nice at Adobo Nation!

Climbing Sacred Mountain

We embarking on the next stage of Climbing Sacred Mountain, a game that I am co-producing with Sapana Sakya at the Center For Asian American Media (CAAM.)