“Filipino or Not” iPhone Game

Producer + Art Director

Filipino or Not screenshot

I was a Producer/Art Director for the game Filipino or Not?

“Filipino or Not?” is a game about race in media, focusing on influential Filipinos throughout different cultural spheres. Whether they be actors, athletes, artists, politicians, etc, this game highlights the role Filipinos have played in the media-making world. Often Filipinos in the media are assumed to be ambiguous or of another ethnicity; with this game we want to make visible the contributions of Filipinos in a playful way. Ultimately, this game asks us to look at how we make assumptions about race and ethnicity in the media sphere. Players will be given clues then quizzed on whether or not a specific person is actually Filipino or not Filipino. “Filipino or Not?” is part of a larger series of new media projects developed to foster participation in the arts.

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