Redesign of Re:Vision Effects

Account + Development Project Manager

I oversaw the development for Re:Vision Effects website redesign. This project was technically complex because it required a unique database design that enable different information to display depending on the relationship between their products and third party applications.

As the account and development project manager for this redesign, my responsibilities included:

  • creating the development timeline and budget
  • writing development proposal and scope
  • building project in PM application, assigning and overseeing all development tasks
  • thoroughly understanding the client’s unique technical products and their relationship to third party applications
  • synthesizing and communicating details and requirements from a 90 page spec document to the development team
  • communicating with the UI designer on a regular basis around issues that came up doing development, asking questions about details in the spec document, and proposing alternative interactions
  • overseeing a thorough quality assurance phase
  • tracking and communicating all changes and solutions that arose during the development phase
  • communicate with client on a weekly basis about progress, timeline and budget

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